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Three Ways To Take The Emotion Out Of Selling Your Home

June 10th, 2011 7:21 AM by Eileen Denhard

Three Ways To Take The Emotion Out Of Selling Your Home

forsale Three Ways To Take The Emotion Out Of Selling Your Home

Parting with your home can be difficult even if you are excited to move to a new place. After all, this was where you lived and made your memories. The process can be particularly challenging for those selling the first home they ever bought. Realtor Betty Wilson of Jacksonville, North Carolina gives three tips for starting the process of distancing yourself from your home:

If you’re a first time home seller, selling your home can be emotionally hard. It seems like everywhere you look you are picturing the good times you’ve had there. You’ve put a lot of yourself into this house and now it’s time to move on. Maybe purchasing the house was the first step you made that really made you feel like you’ve stepped into the “real” world. Or you can only think of your little one and the first steps they took in the house. Whatever it is that’s holding you to the house is what makes selling it so hard. So here are some ideas on how you can jump out of the emotion of selling and get into the business of selling your house.

First of all, when getting your house ready to sell, Realtors suggest you start to put away personal items and pictures. They do this for a few reasons, but for you, it gives you a chance to start detaching yourself from the house. Packing away some of what made your house a home will make the transition easier.

Second, try to focus on where you’re going, not where you are. Getting excited about your new house can be a great help. Look into the area you’re moving to and start planning what you’re going to do there.

Third, realize that the cute border in your daughter’s room, the mural you painted in the living room, or other decorative things done to the house are not what some buyers are looking for. Your Realtor may suggest you tone down a room or remove certain items to make the house more sellable. It may be hard to paint over it, or change it back, but keep telling yourself that it’s not your house anymore. Think of your new home as a blank canvas! The more you look forward to your new home, the more you’ll start thinking of the old one as a house.

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Posted by Eileen Denhard on June 10th, 2011 7:21 AM



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